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Ada Bojana and Us

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by Ada Bojana For Me
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The idea of ​travel ​website for planning vacation at Ada Bojana was born one summer, on a wooden terrace tucked in Bojana’s reed. Full enjoyment of being immersed in the sun, wind and good read was interrupted by constant phone calls. It is mid July and it seems like all of our friends want to be right here, right now. Enjoy their summer days at Ada Bojana. They are looking for accommodation and transport in panic. Clearly we, the locals, are here to provide best tips.

Year after year we are answering the same questions: These cottages, are they actually on the river? Are there any apartments as well? And where is that village Stoj? Those who have just arrived are euphoric too: Where to go to eat the best fish stew? Where is the party tonight ? Where are kite clubs? What is right side, where is the center, which bridge?

Our terrace suddenly transforms into an office. We are making phone calls, negotiating, passing on contacts… wondering how is it possible that these information and services aren’t already offered somewhere… on the Internet.

And here we are, less than a year later, we made a website designed to answer all these questions.

For you. For us. is the info portal and ad based web site which includes answers to all necessary questions and gives information about touristic offer from Ulcinj, across the Big Beach, all the way to Ada Bojana. It’s designed for tourists, adventurers, extreme athletes and unexpected travelers and allows them to organize their holiday independently and with ease.

On the other hand, it gives opportunity to everyone who is offering accommodation, catering services and sport activities to present their offer on this unique portal.

On this web site you can find:

  • integrated Google map with marked accommodation offer
  • logging capabilities for users who wish to maintain their real estate ads
  • filters for easier accommodation search
  • slider, which shows photos of objects in high resolution
  • simple and responsive design that allows comfortable viewing of content from any device

In the end, there is also this blog through which we expand the idea of ​​preserving the authenticity of this environment and fostering the natural resources of  Bojana. Here you will find stories of people who made this place and who have in some way indebted us, but also stories of today, that we create ourselves.


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